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Restumping and Releveling

The process

Restumping Costs in Melbourne & Gippsland

Also known as reblocking in Victoria, this is the process whereby rotted or defective timber stumps are removed and replaced with concrete or steel stumps. This process also includes resetting the floor levels.

How is a home restumped?

The first step is to assess which stumps need to be replaced or reset. This is normally done with a spirit level to determine the evenness of your flooring, and by checking the stumps themselves for movement and deterioration. Restumping, which can be referred to also as reblocking, basically involves removing old stumps and installing new replacements. This is done by using hydraulic jacks which are then placed under the bearers so as the defective stumps can be removed and replaced. This alone is a complex process, but in order to ensure the house will be level and structurally sound on completion of the job, each of the stumps has to be positioned precisely.
Depending on how much movement has occurred, there’s a possibility that adjustments may occur from the restumping that lead to warped doorframes, damage to tiles, cracks in your plasterwork and more.

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How much are restumping costs and when is it needed?

As all homes are different, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer to restumping costs for your Melbourne or Gippsland home. At B & A Foundations we provide free, zero obligation quotes for you to take advantage of.

There are, however, quite a few sure-fire signs to look out for:

Every house is different, built on different ground that uses different conditions of soil. As such, each house will show its own deterioration differently. It’s imperative that if you suspect failing stumps you need to have experts assess it, otherwise you might see your home either partially or completely collapsed.

A house can be partially restumped if only certain areas need it, but there is always the risk that a few rotten stumps that were thought to be in good condition may collapse later on, requiring you to restump again. B & A Foundations can assist in determining what is the best option for your home.


When houses are restumped these days, it is usually with galvanised steel or concrete stumps or the combination of the two. These are not susceptible to many of the weaknesses that wood has – they don’t rot, are immune to termites and won’t warp over time. Aside from having a longer lifespan than timber stumps, these types of stumps can also be more firmly and accurately secured to their bearers.

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Over time, it is normal for houses to experience movement in their foundations. This can be due to a number of causes, including the quality of soil; excess moisture or that the foundations was designed properly to support your homes weight etc.

Ensuring that your house is on a sturdy foundation is essential and one that should be addressed promptly as it will probably cause more damage to your property than you realise. For houses with poor foundations, it is not unusual for your house to sink or sag significantly; both interior and exterior damage can occur becoming increasingly serious and; your repair can become even more costly.

Arrange a free quote to learn restumping costs for your home

The signs that your Gippsland or Melbourne house requires releveling are the same as when a restump would need to occur. B & A Foundations can provide expert advice as to how best address the issue and to talk through your options.